Thanks all for your participation is this event!

Video Recording Q & A

  • What tools and logins do I need?

      All the videos of the papers accepted to the congress, whether for the mini-symposia, the semi-plenary or the plenary sessions, are recorded via the tool proposed by SlidesLive. Each author having confirmed his or her participation to the congress has normally received an email at the end of October or beginning of November with a unique link to record his or her presentation. It is necessary to install and use the Chrome browser to use SlidesLive.

      If you have not received this email, please contact SlidesLive

  • Do you have any advice on creating a good video recording?

  • What is the time limit for the recordings?

      As indicated in the email sent by SlidesLive, all videos must be recorded before November 29, 2020. Indeed, an editing work must then be done on all the videos so that they are ready for January 4, 2021.

  • How long should my video be?

      The videos for the papers of the mini-symposia must have a duration of 20mn and those for the semi-plenaries and plenaries must have a duration of 30mn. These limits will be taken into account by SlidesLive, which will not accept videos if they do not meet this condition.

      To keep within this time limit, we encourage you to create a script of exactly what you want to say, read it out aloud, and time it. This is a great way to be intentional about every word you use, and to consider your message so it has the best impact. When you are happy that the length is correct, record the video. Don't worry, you can record your video several times by November 29, 2020.

  • What if I do not want to upload a recording or prefer not to have videos online?

      We believe that it is preferable that all presentations be in the form of videos that allow the speaker to be seen in addition to the slides. We remind you that videos are only accessible to conference participants for one month on a closed platform. However :
    • If you do not want to record a video but are ok to have an audio-only version of the talk, you can do this in the SlidesLive Recorder by turning off “camera” in the slideslive recorder.
    • If you cannot record video or audio for reasons of disability or technical problems, please contact SlidesLive and they will do what they can to help support your needs.

  • Can I record my own video and upload it?

    Although we strongly recommend the use of the Slideslive recording tool integrated in a browser, you can upload your own videos but notice that:

    1. You must send two recordings in two separate files: your screen/deck showing your slides and you webcam in Full HD (1920x1080px).
    2. We do not accept any picture-in-picture video (for instance video embedded in slides) like the solution proposed for instance in Zoom or other videoconference tools.
  • What if I can’t use the SlidesLive recording tool?

      If you have any questions about the recording tool or support requests, you can contact SlidesLive using the dedicated address:

  • Can I see any examples of video ?

      You can find examples of what the processed videos will look like by looking through the SlidesLive library.