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ECCOMAS Young Investigator Activities

The ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee (EYIC) has been created in order to promote the main goals of ECCOMAS among young researchers and to encourage activities of young ECCOMAS members. The main focus of our efforts in recent years has undoubtedly been on creating exciting and unusual new event formats at the major ECCOMAS conferences.

We are pleased to present and invite you to participate in many original activities dedicated to Young Investigators, jointly organized by ECCOMAS Young Investigators and CSMA junior, the young section of the french association CSMA.

Several new event formats will occur both ahead and during the WCCM-ECCOMAS 2021 congress in a fully-digital form, as it is for the congress. These events are dedicated to young investigators (less than 40 years old) that also participate in the congress.

To register for these activities, please use the registration form available on the website:

Junior Workshop

The CSMA Junior section proposes a two-day junior workshop, taking place remotely ahead of the congress from Thursday January 7th to Friday January, 8th 2021. This workshop aims at making a young generation (less than 40 years old) of investigators meet and exchange, introducing the themes of the congress giving some basis about them, and proposing original activities.
The program of the workshop will consist of several activities, among which a school with short-courses (designed for and by young researchers) on specific topics addressed in plenary and semi-plenary talks given during the congress. Six different short-courses will be given (Digital twins/ROM/Machine learning/Data-base approaches; HPC with application in fluids mechanics; Multiphysic; Interface; Topology optimization; Wave propagation), among which each participant will have the possibility to follow four of them. A preference ranking will be asked to attendees when registering. Each course is split in a theoretical session (30 min) and a practical session (1h30). More precisely, the theoretical session will be given asynchronously, through a short video posted ahead of the workshop on the website. Next, practical sessions will consist of synchronous live events (1h30) dedicated to the implementation of concepts. Depending on the topics, the latter will take the form of interactive and collaborative coding session.

Other scientific activities, such as sessions on scientific publication process (including open science/open data), scientific ethics, and a hackathon running over a full day will also be proposed!

The participation to the workshop if free of charge for WCCM-ECCOMAS 2021 participants. However, the practical sessions planned online require to limit the number of participants to 150.

For any questions, please contact Thomas Heuzé, or directly get in contact with the organizers on the webpage.

ECCOMAS Young Investigators Arts and Science Contest

The ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee is launching, in collaboration with the WCCM-ECCOMAS congress organization team, an “Arts and Science” contest that aims to show science in all its beauty and elegance, with connection between Science and Art. It consists in visualizing scientific works with an artistic point-of-view. Topics cover the broad fields of mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and computer science which are connected to the scope of the congress.
Consequently, participants to the WCCM-ECCOMAS Congress (with accepted abstracts -no age limit) will be invited to provide, if they wish, an artistic visual (picture, rendered image, painting, drawing) of their research work with a short audio description of the image, whether it comes from an experiment or a numerical simulation. The submission will be open from December 1st to December 16th, 2020. An international jury composed of researchers, artists and journalists will select the best pieces of art which will be exhibited during the congress in a virtual room.
In addition, the authors of the two best artworks will have the opportunity to present them during a specific session of the congress and will receive a prize.

For any questions, please contact: Matthieu Vitse

ECCOMAS Young Investigators Career Forum

Within the WCCM-ECCOMAS conference, the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee (EYIC) is organizing the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Career Forum.

During this unique networking activity, young researchers will have the opportunity to interact with scientists at different career stages, to gain essential insights into the academic application process, and receive tips for their next career steps. Relevant topics include, e.g.:

  • * Career strategies and requirements for young researchers
  • * Challenges in the scientific working environment
  • * Compatibility of family and career
  • * Work-life balance
  • * How to prepare for an interview
  • * Scientific proposal writing

The EYIC Career Forum will take place in the form of a live online event on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021. We will organize the forum in a way that all time zones can be covered. The final format and the online platform will be made available in due time to all registered users. Please note that participation is limited to 100 people.
We look forward to your participation.

For any questions, please contact: Eleni Chatzi (, Lorenzo Tamellini ( or Carina Nisters (

ECCOMAS Young Investigators Minisymposium

Have you ever wondered how truly collaborative work of two researchers could be cast into a more fitting presentation format? Or have you ever reached a “dead end” with your own research after many months of hard work and therefore know how important it is to share such experience with others in order to prevent them from falling into the same traps? This minisymposium is organized by young investigators (all of which are members of the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee) for young investigators. The format is quite different from the regular minisymposia in order to particularly attract young researchers and to foster intensive scientific exchange. All presentations will be integrated into the regular scientific program of the online conference, so make sure to watch out for “MS 160: ECCOMAS Young Investigators Minisymposium” when browsing the online program (for any questions, please contact Alexander Popp: