Thanks all for your participation is this event!


Executive Commitee

M. Kleiber - ECCOMAS President
A. Huerta - IACM President
F. Chinesta - Chairman
R. Abgrall - Co-Chairman
O. Allix - Co-Chairman
M. Kaliske - Co-Chairman
D. Brancherie - Congress General Secretary

Local organizing committee

O. Allix
D. Brancherie
P. Chinesta
O. Fandeur
L. Laurent
D. Néron
C. Oliver-Leblond 
G. Puel

Representatives of SMAI and GAMNI

B. Desprès
C. Grandmont
T. Lelièvre
R. Lewandowski
B. Cuenot
R. Loubère

Local industrial committee

Frédéric Feyel